Quality Cabinet Refacing's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Q: What is Cabinet refacing?


A: Simply put, the cabinet refacing process begins with removing all the existing doors and drawer fronts. The existing scribe moldings, crown moldings, and base shoe are removed. All of the cabinet boxes are prepared by cleaning the surface to remove any dirt layers or grease. Next, all of the cabinet boxes are covered with 100% real wood finishes (Cherry, Oak, Maple). We then install the new solid wood doors and solid wood drawer fronts. Matching toe kicks, scribe moldings, and base shoes are then installed. Handles (if desired) and door bumpers are installed on the doors.  


Q:  Do you install countertops?


A:  Yes, we will install countertops with or without cabinet refacing.  We install granite, quartz, solid surface and more.


Q: Is refacing my existing cabinets more affordable than replacing my cabinets?


A: Yes, typically 50-75% cheaper than the cost of replacing your existing cabinets. In fact the cost of the entire refacing project is usually less than just the materials to replace your cabinets.


Q: Do we install new kitchen cabinets?


A: Yes we do! If you are completely changing the foot print of your kitchen, or, if your cabinets are in very poor condition, then having QCR install your new kitchen cabinets is the recommended option.

Q: How long does it typically take QCR to complete my kitchen cabinet refacing project.


A: In addition to the cost savings and the benefit of not having the mess of a remodeling project, one of the best benefits of cabinet refacing is that a typical kitchen is completed from start to finish in 2-3 days. Much of the “prep” work time is spent at the shop.



Q: Is Cabinet Refacing going to create a lot of mess? Will there be a lot of cleanup required?


A: One of the best features of QCR’s Cabinet Refacing projects is that there is virtually no mess. Not only is there no mess, but also at the end of each working day, the kitchen is completely organized and fully functional. Therefore, the only time the kitchen is not accessible is during the countertop and plumbing phase of the project.


Q: Do refaced cabinets look as nice as new cabinets?


A: In most cases, refaced kitchen cabinets look better than new cabinets. For one thing, you will not see the seams between each of the “box” cabinets (new cabinets), Secondly, the doors and materials that QCR uses are of higher quality than your typical “box” cabinet. There are so many custom door options with cabinet refacing which are not available in the standard new cabinet selections.  I have had many customers tell me … “This is the first time my cabinet doors and drawers actually line up with each other”.  


Q: Could modifications be made to the kitchen along with the Cabinet Refacing project?


A: YES. How many times have you heard someone say their kitchen is fully functional, but they just wish they had a little extra counter space or maybe a little more storage? Your QCR Sales Representatives will help you find all the solutions to make your kitchen the kitchen you always wanted (like roll out shelves and oversized drawers). Please view our before and after photos to see some of the many enhancement features that QCR can do in your kitchen.


Q: What if I need help picking colors and door styles?


A: As part of our service, QCR can offer the services of an Interior Design Service. The designers will come to your home and help you with selecting the right door style and wood finish. The decorators will also help you pick colors for your walls, countertops, window treatments, and answer just about any decorating question you may have.



Q: What cabinet styles does QCR offer?


A: There are many door styles and finishes you can choose from (Oak, Maple, Cherry… with a raised panel doors style, or maybe a shaker style door. You can choose from many different stain finishes. Please view our “Wood Types and Finishes” section under “Product Info”… of our web site.



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